Growing up in Huntington Beach, CA., Eric discovered ceramics in high school. He went on to earn a BA in ceramics at San Diego State University, and an MFA from Alfred University, N.Y. in 1990. He then moved to Helena, Montana to be a resident artist at the Archie Bray Foundation. At the end of his residency in 1993, Eric set up a pottery studio, and has enjoyed living and working in Helena ever since.

"I am happiest when making useful things, and inspired by the fact that despite thousands of years of pottery making, we can still leave our studios today having created something new. The idea of form following function still rings true for me, however; I believe that function can sometimes be persuaded to follow sculptural form, creating an interesting dialogue between utility and sculpture.

Van Eimeren was the recipient of a WESTAF/NEA regional fellowship for visual art, and an individual artists award from the Montana Arts Council.


Where to find Eric's pottery:

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The Holter Museum of Art in Helena, MT.
Art Fusion in Big Fork, MT.
Altitude Gallery in Bozeman, MT. to see some of my work mapped out in the wild

The home showroom in Helena, MT. please call ahead 406.459.7789

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